This is Barry, you all know me. MF has gotten out of control. This has come to an end... this is a new beginning. There will no longer be bullies like MAC, and PXR. We are the examples of what good gaming is. We play fair, take humility when it is from our opponents, and cheer, when we win. I am glad, actually honored, to be allowed to be a part of DO. This is the start of a new frontier. You all know I have 10 alts, without Pamela, I couldnt do it. You also know i never lie or hide anything. We have good leaders, as I look at our roster, I am seeing the best of the best. New members, stay to yourself, dont talk on regional.... upgrade...dont level up. Hit only white names unless we go to war. Caleb, Rickie, BC... I have 3 CC's that are going pop tonight, and will be in OD4, the rest I am working on, the other 7 will see you there tomarrow. Much love to you all...    Barry <--------OD4

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