Level Number You Are Attacker You Are Defender
1 yes no
2 yes no
3 yes no
4 yes no
5 yes no
6 yes no
7 yes no
8 yes no
9 yes no
10 yes no
11 yes no
12 yes no
13 yes no
14 yes no
15 yes no
16 yes no
17 yes no
18 yes no
19 yes no
20 yes no
21 yes no
22 yes no
23 yes no
24 yes no

This single player AI will give the blueprints for the Rain Maker infantry unit once completed for the first time.

If Rain Maker already unlocked you will receive a booster pack.

This single player event has several undergound bases but unfortunantly I did not make notations for them. When I am able to go through it again I will add here whish bases you attack are underground.

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